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Our aim is to help disadvantaged people to improve their lives and to protect the natural environment. We support self-help groups by making small grants and providing training and advice. Our aim is to facilitate the development of the skills and confidence necessary for independence and self sufficiency. We seek to help people work out what is best for them and to help them to achieve it rather than to impose our own agenda. 

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"Be the change you want to see in the world" 

 - Mahatma Gandhi

Rehabilitation at Senang Hati - learning new skills brings self confidence and companionship as well as independence.

Los Angelitos with their teacher, Beto.


SWAN distribute goats to members of the women's group in Bhakunde village in Nepal.

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Manu Murti computer class in Eha village, Bali.


Tananua adds value to farmers' crops, here producing ground ginger .


Indigo Ikat provides work for village women and preserves traditional skils.

10/10/15 New Appeal to help La Mariposa buy over 140 acres of land known as Canada Onda in Palo Solo, Nicaragua. This land will form a vital part of a biological corridor, linking still forested land on the Pacific side of the Sierras to the Masaya Volcano National Park, allowing animals and birds to move naturally through their habitat, thus helping their chances of survival. La Mariposa will also use the land to develop local employment and increase incomes through eco-tourism. If you want to donate to this appeal, please also email us for a Gift Aid declaration form.

16/7/15 Resumed support to Senang Hati in Bali following an email request for help. Major donors have funded a new residential centre but they are struggling to meet day to day running expences.

6/7/15 Quarterly grants to Los Angelitos, Iniciativa Colibri, CITR Ngada and Lembu Nai.

25/4/15 Emergency grant to the Social Welfare Association of Nepal as soon

as we heard about the recent earthquake. They were already working with the some of the affected villages and were able to respond quickly with local knowledge and expertise.

13/4/15 First grant to Mas Mariposas, supporting community development in La Concepcion, Nicaragua.  Current projects include donating eco cookers and tree seedlings to the poorest families, assisting the provision of latrines and water supply in the poorest barrios and support for handicapped children and their families.


28/3/15 First grant to CITRA Ngada in Bajawa, Indonesia to buy sewing machines and carpenters tools for their handicapped children's home so the children can learn a trade and become independent.


25/2/15 Short film about Los Angelitos published here

8/2/15 Donated laptop computer and additional funds to Luz Verde Social Projects.

7/1/15 Second installment to Ayo Indonesia for improved coffee growing following good progress report and site visit.

1/1/15 Confirmed support for Iniciativa Colibri and Los Angelitos for 2 years, reducing each six months.

22/12/14 New grant to Lembu Nai to support resettlement in Mausambi Maurole village of refugees from the volcanic eruption on Rokatendu Island.

18/11/14 Small grant to Lembu Nai to conduct research and prepare a full proposal.

October 14 One of our trustees attends the EcoFlores Conference in Maumere and visits partners in Ende and Ruteng. Read about the conference, Home Stay Network, Mountain Bike Trails and 'Green Indonesia' initiative in primary schools here.

27/08/14 New grant to Ayo Indonesia to support improved coffee cultivation in Mangarai villages.


26/08/14 Los Angelitos and Colibri cooperating with the Casa de la Cultura to welcome a delegation from Sheffield Esteli Society


21/07/14 Further grant to YASTIM in Flores for promoting vegetable growing in remote villages around Ende.


14/05/14 Dates announced for the third EcoFlores conference to be held Maumere in October.


11/05/14 Issued Annual report for 2013/4 and submitted our Annual Return to the Charity Commission.


May-July Over £3000 raised for Luz Verde special appeal in support of the Library Bus and other projects in Miraflor.


15/1/14 Website updated and individual partner pages added to give more details of projects - click on 'more' on the Current Partners page entries.


9/1/14 Another video here


18/12/13 Los Angelitos posted a video here


27/11/13 Invested in JCC Community Coop to provide sustainable wood fired heating for a school in Leicester.


16/10/13 Quarterly grants to Colibri, Los Angelitos and Luz Verde in Nicaragua.

29/8/13 First grant to Indigo Ikat for the purchase of materials for weavers based in Beja traditional village, Flores.

29/8/13 Quarterly grant to Senang Hati.

13/8/13 Video of Los Angelitos available here

12/7/13 Quarterly grants to Colibri Arte Infantil, Los Angelitos and Lembu Nai.

9/7/13 Further grant to Luz Verde including GiftAid for the last year.

31/5/13 Agreed a loan to Tananua for to set up a cacao processing plant producing chocolate and peanut paste, increasing farmers' income and generating funds for development projects.

22/5/13 Received GiftAid refund of £3300 for financial year 2012-3.

21/5/13 Quarterly grant to Senang Hati and further grant to YASTIM.

28/4/13 Second grant to Anak Bangsa - see new pictures here and on partners page. 

23/4/13 Received progress report from Ayo Indonesia - see here.

6/4/13 Quarterly grant to Colibri Arte Infantil, Los Angelitos and Lembu Nai.

28/3/13  Further grant to Luz Verde.

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