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Ayo Indonesia

Pilot project on nutrition, sanitation and income improvement of the communities of lolang, Poncung and Rondong in the District of Manggarai, Flores Indonesia.

The following are extracts from the Project Report.

          20 families have built their own toilets,
20 families run house gardening for organic vegetable and/or fruits for the family nutrition,

20 families sell in regular basis (once per week) vegetables to their neighbors or at a wider market network.


“I and my wife do not need to worry when our kids do toileting. We used to worry about the safety when we worked with our previous toilet, it was not safe especially for young children. Now it is so much different, as the toilet construction looks like a house for us”. Mr Jackson in Jaong village with  before and after pictures of his toilet.


Adrianus Darmanjo in his new garden.



"I live with my wife, we are only two as the kids now live away from us. We did not have toilet at home, so we did it in the bushes around our own house. It was not nice indeed, especially for old people like us. Now it is different, we can do it comfortably, although the wall is made of bamboo, but it is so comfortable for me and my wife”.  Raphael Nage, Jaong Village - seen here with a fine crop of chiles and his new toilet.


“We used a very simple and not safe toilet before we were supported, it was mainly covered by used packing plastic. Now, my family feels very comfortable. We doing toileting, we feel it is just like sitting inside a good house. Now the condition of the environment around the house is very much improved”.

Ms. Mensiana Alus.

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