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Iniciativa Colibri

• 15 boys / girls ages 5 to 7 years trained in Children's Theatre.
• 10 adolescents between the ages of 10 to 12 trained in Theatre with reflective themes.
•  Wrote and produced plays focused on environmental issues and preventing child abuse.
• Developed and performed a dance to the song 'The Colour of Hope'.
• A Cultural Evening at the Casa de Cultura with musical accompaniment by " Los Angelitos " and the dance group "Compania del Son
• A presentation at a fete in a poor suburb
• A Grand New Year party in conjunction with the musical project "Los Angelitos" and the dance group "
Compania del Son" with a lot of family involvement.
• Excellent coordination with institutions, foundations, and local cultural projects, as well as increasing  visibility in the media.

Extract from the quarterly progress report:

"Making an assessment of this group we can say they have advanced quite well in the adoption of theatrical techniques, have learned a lot about acting and the representation of characters.  Despite their age they are very capable and very committed to doing things well. It's a nice group where mutual respect, harmony, creativity and joy prevail. As facilitators we feel proud and satisfied to see excellent results in this year 2013. The children are more confident, more aware, more responsible with timetables and class rules and more aware of the social issues that affect our neighborhoods. We hope to continue developing and empowering them so they  can positively contribute to our communities."


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