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Los Angelitos - extracts from the year-end report, December 2013

In the last three months of 2013 we have identified many advances in each of the activities that have been conducted. There has been progress in musical and friendly relations between students which have demonstrated the social interest in sharing what they have learned over 2 years .

Advanced students have aroused much interest in the other inhabitants of this city and in rural communities who wished to have this opportunity to learn music because this helps the individual develop their human relationships and feel capable of other visions of personal achievement, obtaining a very high self-esteem which is what animates the human being to become more entrepreneurial.

Following this request
we chose 3 students who demonstrated good discipline and considerable musical knowledge who agreed to be instructors for these beginners of which 50% are in rural communities..



See and hear Los Angelitos in action here:                                                

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