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Our delivery partners are people and organisations working to alleviate poverty, improve social conditions and/or protect the environment. It is their vision, courage and determination in the face of great difficulties that inspires our work.


Our work depends on supporter partners who provide our funds and volunteer their time and skills. If you support our aims, please join us. As we are a very small organisation, all our operating costs are covered by the Trustees. Every penny you donate will go to a delivery partner to support their vital work.


To donate now via the secure BT MyDonate website, click here, or if you have a CAF account, click here If you want to donate to a particular overseas partner, please send us an email as well.

Yayasan Senang Hati - the Happy Hearts Foundation - is lead by Putu and Ayu, two ladies badly affected by polio since childhood. The organisation now has over 150 disabled members who meet together to learn new skills and give each other mutual support. They have chosen to use our small regular grant to pay the electricity and water bills for their day centre and hostel, enabling them to concentrate on developing their programme without worrying about where the money to pay for these essentials is coming from.

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."
~ Margaret Mead



Luz Verde  (Green Light) is the social projects arm of a not-for-profit cafe and backpackers'  hostel in Esteli, Nicaragua.  It supports a wide range of activities requested by local communities, including promoting organic agriculture and  sustainable tourism. It managed the emergency support during the October 2011 flooding supported by our special appeal. One current project is to establish a library bus visiting remote communities in the Miraflor Natural Reserve.





Los Angelitos is a youth music group in Esteli, Nicaragua. Learning to play traditional tunes gives teenagers something to do and a real sense of acheivement. Performing in public brings recognition and esteem reducing the temptation to join the 'gang culture' which pervades some of the poorer districts. 



Colibri Arte Infantil  run youth theatre and handcraft workshops in the poor barios of Esteli, Nicaragua. Using the approach known as 'Theatre of the Oppressed' young people explore their history and the problems they face while developing self-confidence and social skills. Another group are learning to make cards and decorations for sale in local markets.                                      more


Lembu Nai Institute (Get Happy in Lio, the local language) and YASTIM (Farmers Awake!) work with poor villagers in the Ende district, east Flores where 60% of children do not finish elementary school, 85% of people are subsistence farmers and the average per capita income is around £200 per year. Recent projects include the development of traditional weaving and the manufacture of Sate skewers (previously imported from Java) to generate a cash income and tree planting to protect water sources. 


The Ayo Indonesia Foundation  (Flores Organisation for Rural Development) works to improve basic health and general welfare in rural Manggarai, west Flores. Projects include building roads so that farmers can take their produce to market and improving sanitation and nutrition. Villagers provide the labour and local materials while the foundation provide training, organisational support and  imported materials and tools. Our first grant supported toilets and vegetable gardens in Lolang, Poncung and Rondong.    more

Indigo Ikat is a weavers group based in Beja, one of the 'traditional villages' near Bajawa on the island of Flores, Indonesia. They use traditional designs and organic dyes to make pieces for sale to tourists. Our grant will establish a revolving fund for the purchase of materials. Profits are shared between the individual weavers and a community fund used to improve village facilities.


Partners in Nicaragua

Partners in Flores, Indonesia.

Tananua's slogan is 'We are one family'. They support subsistence farmers  in the Ende District by promoting soil and water conservation, protecting water sources, health education and community development. They also undertake small scale processing of coffee, ginger and cacao to add value to farmers' crops. Products are sold in local markets and the organisation's own small shop. Our loan will enable them to expand the production of chocolate paste.


Partners in Bali, Indonesia.


La Tierra is the social projects arm of La Mariposa Language school and eco hotel in San Juan de la Concepcion, near Masaya. They work to protect and restore the local environment while providing employment to local people and support to poor families and disabled children. Projects include the distribution of eco cookers, tree planting and environmental awareness training.

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